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Why is FunkyChops Cool?

Slap Bass Guitar Video
Are you bored with traditional, theory-oriented instruction that's just no fun? Have no fear... FunkyChops™ "101 Funky Slap Bass Riffs, vol. 1" is here! This unique method of bass guitar instruction incorporates audio & video in an easy to follow cd-rom or instant download.

Easy Play-by-Ear Method
FunkyChops features slap bass riffs in 3 speeds... learn it slow first, then progress to the fastest speed. There's no tablature to read, and you'll develop your ear-playing skills. So, grab your bass guitar and a cold beverage, you've got some slappin' to do!

For Beginner to Pro

  • FunkyChops slap bass instruction
  • Audio & video riffs for beginner-pro
  • No theory or tablature, learn by ear
  • Available as download or cd-rom

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Funky slap bass guitar video instruction
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