Bass Guitar Brands, Makers, Manufacturers & More

Bass players beware, this page has a lot of interesting stuff to see! This is a huge directory of bass companies you should know. Top of the line basses and bass related gear. Custom bass guitar and amp manufacturers. Popular big name brands-n-makers as well as smaller up-n-coming luthiers. Below you'll find resources such as company websites, music instruction, bass guitar resources and a list of bass guitar gear carried by well-known music stores.

The Big Bass Guitar List
Below you'll find one of the biggest collections of bass guitar related companies, amp manufacturers, and more for the bassist.

17th Street Guitars
A Basses
Acme Sound
Advantage Tube Services
Aguilar Amplification
Alembic Basses
Ampeg - Another Bass Site
Andrews Guitars
Aquilina Basses
Aria USA
Ashdown Engineering
Aslin Dane
Auerswald Instruments
Austin Custom Cases
Azola Basses
B. C. Rich Guitars
B. Hefner Co.
B.C. Rich Guitars
Bag End
Barbera Transducer Systems
Barker Musical Instruments
Basslab Guitars
Basson Sound
Bass Plaza
BBE Sound
Beck Guitarworks
Bee Basses
Belman Guitars
Benavente Guitars
Bergantino Audio Systems
Bezalel Instruments
Bill Lawrence Design
Birdsong Guitars
Björn Eriksson's Rickenbacker Page
Bolin Guitars
Boogie Body Guitars
Brubaker Guitars
Bruno Traverso Guitars
Buckdancers Choice
Bunker Guitars
Burns Guitars
CA Guitars
Canvas Guitars
Carl Thompson Basses
Carvin Guitars
Catalyst Instruments
Cauble Custom Amps
CB Basses
Clevinger Electric Double Basses
Clover Bass Guitars
Colorado Case Company
ColorRiffic Pickguards
Concord Group
Conklin Guitar Company
Cort Guitars
Crook Custom Guitars
C-tech/Pocket Rockit
Curbow String Instruments
Curt Mangan Strings
Custom Amp Covers
Custom Luthier
Custom Shop Parts
Cyr Custom Guitars and Basses
D. M. Guitars
D'Addario Strings
Dammann Basses
D'Aquisto Strings
Dart Instruments
Dave Maize Acoustic Bass Guitars
David King Bass Guitar Systems
Dean Guitars
Dean Markley Strings
DeArmond Guitars
DeGennaro Guitars
Demeter Amplification
Devon Guitars
Dillion Guitars
Dingwall Designer Basses
Double Treble
DP Custom Guitars and Basses
DR Strings
Dr. Bass
Dragon Cases
Duesenberg USA
EBS Sweden
Eden Electronics
El Dorado Guitar Straps
Electric Upright Bass
Elixir Strings
Ellio Martina Guitars
Elrick Bass Guitars
EMF Acoustics
EMG Inc.
Eminence Bass
Epifani Custom Sound Systems
Ergo Instruments
Erickson Design Associates
Ernie Ball Music Man Basses
Ernie Ball, Inc.
ESP Guitars
Etymotic Research
Eugen Guitars
Euphonic Audio
Everly Music
Evidence Audio
Exotic Woods Company
Eyeland Enterprises
F Bass
Fairbanks Amplification
Father's Woodcraft
Fernandes Guitars
Fichter Electric Upright Basses
Flight Form Cases, Inc.
Flite Sound
Fodera Guitars Inc.
Forshage Custom Instruments
Frankinstein Guitar Works
G Gould
Garnet Amps
Garside Guitars
Gator Cases
Gazer Guitars
GB Guitars
Gecko Guitars
Genz Benz
George L's
GHS Strings
Gibson USA
Giffin Guitars
GMP Guitars
Godin/Seagull Guitars
GR Basses
Grover Musical Products
Guitar Factory
Guitar Tabs
Gus Guitars
Haeussel Pickups
Halo Guitars
Hamer Guitars
Hammon Engineering
Hanewinckel Guitars
Harper Amplifiers
Haze Guitars
HAS Sound
Heritage Guitar Inc.
Highlander Musical Audio Products
Hohner USA
Hot Wire Bass
Hughes and Kettner
Human Base
Ibanez Vintage Page
In Tune Guitar Picks
Italia Guitars
Italia Leather Straps
J. T. Hargreaves Bass Guitars
Jacaranda Guitars
Jay Turser Guitars
Jerzy Drozd Basses
JJ Helms
Joe's Guitars
John Birch Guitars
Kamil Greben
Kangaroo Covers
Ken Bebensee Guitars
Ken Smith Basses, LTD.
Kepur Guitar and Bass Straps
Kern Engineering
Kinal Guitars
Kitty Hawk
Kloppman Electrics
Knuckle Guitar Works
Koch Guitar Electronics
Koll Guitars
Kramer Krazy
Kritz Custom Guitars
L.A. Kidwell Musical Instruments
L.E.G.G. Guitars World
La Bella Strings
Lado Musical
Lakland Basses
Lathon Bass Wear
Lead Tidy
LeCompte Electric Bass
Legra Guitars
Levin Guitars
Lieber Instruments
LightWave Optical Pickups
Lindy Fralin
Little Guitar Works
LM Engineering
Longbow Guitars
LR Baggs
Luthiers Access Group
M Basses
M.V. Pedulla Guitars, Inc.
Malden Guitars
Manne Guitars
Manzer Guitars
Mari by RediVivus
Marleaux Bass Guitars
Marshall Electronics/Mogami
Martin Guitar
Matt Pulcinella Guitars
Merchant Vertical Bass Company
Michael Dolan Custom Guitars
Michael Kelly Guitar Company
Michael Tobias Luthier
Michas Custom Guitars
Mike Lull's Custom Guitars
Miller Instruments
MIT Cables
MKS Professional Stage Products
Modulus Guitars and Basses
Mollerup Basses
Monster Cable
Monterey Guitars
Moody Leather Straps
Mørch Guitars
Moses, Inc.
Music Man Amps
Music Man/Ernie Ball, Inc.
Nady Systems
Neuser Basses
Neutrik USA
Nevborn Guitars
New York Bass Works
NGM Pedalboard Systems
Nobels Electronics
Nordstrand Guitars
NYC Pedalboards
Odyssey Guitars
OLP Guitars
On-Stage Stands
Peterson Tuners
Petillo Guitars
Petros Guitars and Basses
Phantom Guitarworks
Pimentel Sons Guitar Makers
Pritchard Amps
ProCo Sound
Protection Racket
Pyramid Strings
Quik Lok
Rack Release
Raezer's Edge
RainSong Graphite Guitars
Randall Amplifiers
RavenWestGuitar Co.
Ray Ramirez Basses
Reverand Musical Instruments
Rick Turner Guitars
Rio Grande Pickups
Ritter Bass Guitars
RKS Guitars
Rob Allen Guitars
Robin Basses
Rock n Roller Cart
RockBass by Warwick
Roscoe Bass Guitars
Roxy Guitar Finish
RR Gadow Guitars
Russian Dragon
Sadowsky Guitars, Ltd
Sandberg Guitars
SB MacDonald Custom Instruments
Schatten Design
Schroeder Cabinets
Sei Bass
Shank's String Instruments
Shark Inlay
Shuker Bass Guitars
SIT Strings
SKB Cases
Skillet Handcrafted Instruments
Skjold Design Guitars
Slider Straps
Soller & Sivcak
Sonic Loudspeaker Systems
Sound Sculpture
Spalt Instruments
Specht Guitars
Specimen Products
Spector Basses
Spruce Hill Guitars
Starr Labs
Status Graphite
Steinberger Gibson
Steinberger World
Stellar Guitars
Stewart Basses
Sthac Guitars
Strapture Guitar Straps
String Swing Mfg.
Stringer Industries, Inc.
Studio Slips
Sukop Electric Guitars
Sunn Amps
Tech Soundsystems
The Bass Guitar Scale Page
The Bass Tablature Search Engine
The Carvin Museum
The Danelectro Discussion Board
The Fender Amp Field Guide
The Valve Amplifiers
The VOX Showroom
Thermidor Music
Thorndal Guitars and Basses
Timtone Custom Guitars
TKL Products Corp
Tobias Basses
Traben Bass Company
Trace Elliot
Treker Guitars
Tuki Covers
Ultimate Guitar
Ultimate Support Systems
Unique Guitars USA
USA Custom Guitars
UVA Instruments
Vahala Amplifications
Vigier Guitars
Vintage Vibe Guitars
Vision Music
Vox Amplification
Wal Basses
Warrior Instruments
Warwick Bass Guitars
Washburn Guitars
Waterstone Musical Instruments
WaZoo Custom
Wendler electroCoustic
Wiedenman Custom Inlay
Wilson Bros.
Wolff Erickson
Wood Musical Instruments
Yamaha Guitars
Zachary Handcrafted Guitars
Zeta Musical Instruments
Zon Guitars
ZZ Ryder

To your left, you'll find some links to bass guitar items created by Jim Lee. You can slap your bass with the Funkychops video. Speed up your thumb with the Doublethump tutorial lesson. Jam with the Quickbeat drummer and develop your groove. Designed for beginner to pro, these items are available for download 24-hours worldwide.

Bass at Musician's Friend 

MUSIC 123 Bass Guitar Brands
1. Applause by Ovation  
2.  Aria
3.  BC Rich
4.  Breedlove
5.  Brian Moore
6.  Daisy Rock
7.  Dean
8.  DiPinto
9.  Drive
10.  Eastwood
11.  Epiphone
12.  ESP
13.  Fender
14.  Fernandes
15.  Fullerton
16.  G&L
17.  Giannini
18.  Gibson
19.  Godin
20.  Goldtone
21.  Greg Bennett Design by Samick
22.  Gretsch
23.  Hartke
24.  Hofner
25.  Ibanez
26.  Italia
27.  Jackson
28.  Jay Turser Guitars
29.  Johnson
30.  Line 6
31.  Martin
32.  Michael Kelly
33.  Music Man
34.  OLP
35.  Oscar Schmidt
36.  Ovation
37.  Parker
38.  Peavey
39.  Rickenbacker
40.  Schecter
41.  Silvertone
42.  Squier
43.  Sukop
44.  Switch
45.  Takamine
46.  Tobias
47.  Traben
48.  Traveler
49.  Tribute by G&L
50.  Warwick
51.  Washburn
52.  Wilson Brothers Guitar
53.  Yamaha
Musician's Friend Bass Guitar Brands
A-Designs (1)
Adamas (1)
AKG (3)
Alesis (1)
Alfred (5)
Alvarez (5)
Ampeg (2)
Antares (1)
AP Audio (1)
Apple (1)
ART (4)
Art and Lutherie (1)
ArtistPro (1)
Audix (1)
Auralex (1)
B-52 (4)
B-Band (2)
B.C. Rich (5)
Babicz (2)
Backbeat (6)
Barbetta (1)
Basslines (3)
Basson (1)
BBE (6)
Behringer (2)
Bill Edwards Publishing (1)
Black Diamond (2)
Bose (6)
Boss (15)
Breedlove (5)
Brian Moore (2)
Budda (3)
Bullet Cables (3)
Buttkicker (2)
C Tech (6)
CAD (2)
Cakewalk (8)
Carl Fischer (1)
Carl Martin (3)
Celestion (24)
Centerstream (5)
Cherry Lane (12)
Clayton (2)
Coffin Case (6)
Conklin (8)
Core Cable (2)
Core One (1)
Crate (1)
Custom Shop Parts (5)
D'Addario (42)
D'Andrea (5)
Daisy Rock (3)
Danelectro (2)
Dava (1)
De Armond® (1)
Dean (27)
Dean Markley (8)
Dickies (4)
Digital Reference (1)
DigiTech (3)
DiMarzio (10)
Direct Sound (1)
DNA Analogic (1)
DOD (1)
DR Strings (3)
Drive (1)
Dunlop (5)
EastWest (24)
Eden (2)
Edirol (1)
El Dorado (3)
Electro-Harmonix (4)
eMedia (3)
Eminence (3)
EMMA (1)
Epiphone (10)
Ernie Ball (15)
ESP (4)
Expansion Tank (2)
Farley's (1)
Favored Nations (1)
Fender® (95)
Fishman (3)
Focusrite (1)
Furman (2)
G&L (3)
G. Schirmer (1)
Gallien-Krueger (1)
Gator (8)
Gem Sound (1)
George Dennis (1)
Get'm Get'm (4)
GHS (8)
Gibson (7)
Godin (1)
Groove Tube (1)
Guyatone (2)
Hal Leonard (123)
Hiwatt (1)
Hofner (7)
Homespun (40)
House of Blues (3)
Hudson Music (3)
Hughes & Kettner (1)
Ibanez (39)
Ice Pix (1)
IK Multimedia (4)
Intellitouch (1)
iZotope (1)
Jackson (1)
Jensen (2)
John Pearse (1)
Jose Ramirez (1)
JustEnough (1)
Kepur (2)
Keyfax (2)
Koala Music (9)
Korg (10)
Kurzweil (7)
Lakland (1)
Levy's (9)
Line 6 (6)
LM Products (11)
LR Baggs (1)
Lucida (1)
M-Audio (6)
Mackie (1)
Marshall (8)
Martin (41)
Maxon (1)
Michael Kelly (4)
Minarik (1)
Modulus (1)
Mogami (1)
Monster Cable (6)
Moog (1)
Morley (3)
Music CD (1)
Music Man (3)
Music Sales (5)
Musician Sound Design (2)
Musician's Friend (10)
Musician's Institute (1)
MVP (1)
MXL (1)
MXR (4)
Nady (3)
Native Instruments (8)
Neck Sock (1)
Neotech (7)
Note-A-Day (2)
NS Design (1)
OLP (2)
Oscar Schmidt (2)
Ovation (5)
Peavey (7)
Performance Plus (2)
Perri's (6)
Peterson (5)
PG Music (2)
Pignose (3)
Planet Waves (18)
PreSonus (2)
Pro Co (1)
Pro Tec (1)
ProLine (1)
PRS Guitars (22)
Q Parts (1)
Qwik Tune (1)
Radial (4)
Rainsong (7)
Rhythm Tech (1)
Rickenbacker (3)
Rittor Music (2)
RME (1)
Road Runner (2)
Roc-N-Soc (1)
Rock House (7)
RockBass by Warwick (1)
RockStand by Warwick (5)
Rockstrap (1)
Rocktron (4)
Roger Linn Design (2)
Rogue (11)
Roland (7)
Sabine (1)
Savarez (7)
Schecter (6)
Seagull (1)
Sennheiser (3)
Seymour Duncan (1)
Shubb (1)
Shure (2)
SKB (2)
Slider Straps (1)
SMP (3)
Snarling Dogs (7)
Soldano (1)
Sonic Implants (2)
Sonic Reality (6)
Sonik Capsules (2)
Sony (8)
Spector (2)
Squier® (12)
Steinberg (1)
Steinberger (10)
String Letter (4)
Studio Projects (1)
SWR (2)
Takamine (3)
Taylor (6)
Tech 21 (2)
THD (2)
Thomastik-Infeld (12)
Thomson Technologies (1)
Tipbook (1)
ToneWorks (2)
Traveler (1)
Trench (7)
Tribute by G&L (4)
U.S. Masters (3)
Ultimate (1)
UltraSound (4)
Valley Arts (1)
VHT (2)
Visual Sound (1)
Vox (1)
Warner Bros (23)
Warwick (6)
Washburn (3)
Waves (2)
Wedgie (1)
Windows Into Virtuosity (1)
Wrangler (5)
Yamaha (9)
Zero G (2)



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